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i am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depth of your sorrow. >> president paid tribute to victims in newtown, connecticut. he joined religious leaders and mourners at a prayer vigil. he stresseded need for everyone to come together in an effort to stop horrific tragedies such as friday's shootings. >> since i've been president this the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shootings. >> more than 900 people packed into newtown high school for an emotional service. they came to remember loved ones
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lost and left with the message those that died may help lead america to become better and safer for others. >> these tragedies must end. to end them we must change. in coming weeks i'll use whatever power this office holds in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. >> the entire community of newtown has transformed into one giant memorial with flowers, teddy bears and candles now piling up at a continuous pace seemingly everywhere here. >> there is no way you can be living and this doesn't affect you. >> they are trying to find out what prompted adam lanza to shoot his own mother multiple times before continuing with killing spree. while the town tries to heal, one major focus is helping the youngest survivors finding hope between so their lives do not become defined by one moment of
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terror. >> reporter: the president said tonight, our entire society will be judged by how we will we protect our children, adding right now we are not doing the job but in the coming weeks he plans to use all the powers of the president's office in order to help make america safer. >> ama: the church where they attended was evacuated after a bomb threat this morning. members of the s.w.a.t. team responded to the school shooting were back on the job at the church. police say the pastor calmly informed the congregation of threat and church was evacuated without incident. >> the community has been shaken by this tragedy. it's not just directly affected by shooting. laura anthony is in connecticut to talk with mournersers. >> the feelings are in the faces of the thousands of people who have descended on tiny sandy hook, connecticut. the town is now in shock, numb
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to the reality that he took so much, 27 people from one small place. >> i walks up and down you shiver. >> sadness. disbelief. >> at the entrance to the school, a sign that says visitors welcome, there stands 27 christmas trees for each victim. decorated for the upcoming holiday including stuffed manages for all those lost here. >> brought stuffed animals and she left them behind. >> why did you want to do that? there were many children to come to pay their respects like parents struggling to fully grasp what happened here.
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>> i feel really bad for those people. down the road local high school students and recent graduates have set up a table collected donations for the families of the victims, families where many of them know. >> you know, you don't speak about it and nod and you understand within that nod, you recognize that what you are going through the same thing and same pains. >> how does this community move on? >> i'm not sure that they can. this will be forever. i don't even have the words to explain it. >> tomorrow begins the private business of burying those who were killed here. it begins with private services for two first grade boys. a friend of the family says adam lanza learned how to shoot guns from his mother. they were her hobby. authorities found three guns
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that belonged to his mother, a glock ten millimeter handgun, a .9 millimeter handgun and bushmaster assault rifle. police found a fourth weapon outside the school. >> senator dianne feinstein will call for a vote on assault weapons ban first day the congress is back in session. the gun statistics, there are more registered gun sellers than mcdonald's restaurants in the sut. there are 370 million guns and 313 million people. the senator says that is too many because of easy to load automatic weapons. this morning she offered details of the ban she will propose. >> it will ban the sale, transfer and importation and possession not retroactively but prospectively and ban the same for strips of more than ten bullets.
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we exempt over 900 specific weapons that will not fall under the bill but the purpose of this bill is to get weapons of war off the streets of our cities. joe lieberman called for a commission to look at gun laws and mental health system. >> investigators are still figuring out what led to any's shooting. we will cover the story as it unfolds. find new information on facebook page and twitter feets feeds. >> still ahead, fiscal cliff debated to keep tax cuts from expiring. and we'll take a look at three-mile wide asteroid and find out why it's considered a threat but not for several centuries. >> record-breaking weekend, what the horb bit did. >> i'm leigh glaser, it's going to be wet tomorrow morning and
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>> tomorrow a car flipped over in contra costa county today. it burst into flames in front of caldecott tunnel. she lost control of her car that flipped and hate tree. people inside were able to walk away. >> officials are investigating a shooting in sunnyvale. two officers were responding to call that man was assaulting his mother. man approached officers with a hammer and when he refused to drop it officers fired. the suspect underwent surgery last night and his condition is not known. >> san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in the bayview district. an 18-year-old was shot and killed on osceola lane and
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police don't have suspects in custody. they did arrest a man in the nob hill neighborhood. they were called to a domestic dispute around 6:30 on california street. surrounding apartments were evacuated and block was shotd shut down. four hours later the man turned himself in. coming up who is likely to be the next secretary of defense. and new offer to avoid the fiscal cliff. rain has returned. leigh glaser has the monday morning forecast next. >> 49ers hosted the patriots and colin kae xae
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>> ama: with america accelerating toward the so-called fiscal cliff budget negotiations are continuing. john boehner offered a new proposal. president's plan call for higher rates earning more than $250,000 a year. neither side has commented on boehner's offer. president obama pick for secretary of defense is moderate former senator chuck hagel is poised at the top job. a nomination could become this week. post office is gearing up for busiest day of the year. monday before christmas is traditionally the busiest day. last day to get first class mail out to arrive by christmas.
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they expect 800 pieces of mail to be handled tomorrow. 40% more than the average day. >> there is new video which shows a massive asteroid considered hazardous to the earth. it captured a series of photos a few days ago. the asteroid is three miles wide. right now it's about 4.3 million miles away from earth. the new video shows the asteroid has ridges and perhaps boulders on its surface. it wobbles through space like a football. it won't come in contact with earth for the next 400 years so beyond that, they can't determine its path and it could pose a risk to earth. >> get ready for nor snow in the sierra. take a look at video from the tahoe cam. more is expected. snow will fall tonight and snow levels will continue to drop over the next few days. check out this snow. a viewer sent us this photo to
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ureport, it's about 2500 feet. >> it's konocti. >> it's in lake county and the forecast light snow there. it's nice to see that verified nicely. already, get ready for a round of rain just in time for monday morning commute. still mist and drizzle there will and bit of fog especially in the north bay, reduced visibility that will slow you down tomorrow morning. live doppler 7-hd picking up a few light showers developing from santa rosa to cloverdale. san jose, mist and drizzle over towards hayward and fremont. cloverdale down toward canyon road, healdsburg, windsor, mist
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and drizzle, forestville and king ridge road rain is picking up. most of the rain from the next storm system is to the north of us. crescent city, eureka over towards this area, seeing the cold front moving in. all of this will be moving in early tomorrow morning. here is a look at current readings in the 50s across much of the bay area. san francisco 55. livermore, 57 degrees. rain increases as cold front moves across the bay area tomorrow morning. it will be wet for the morning commute and as we look out towards the rest of our workweek stormy conditions. thursday, big storm into friday and possibly into saturday. here is a look at that cold front right here is the leading edge. a lot of cold air, once this moves in, all this cold air will move in and we're talking freeze as we head into tuesday morning.
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wednesday morning. this is how it is for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. front will spread rain across the bay area while you sleep tonight. 5:00 a.m. commute time, wet pavement across much of the bay area. as we head into the 9:00 a.m. it will push toward the south bay. north bay will start to see breaks in the overcast. by 1:00 through 5:00 hour we will see clearing. we will start to dry up a bit. if you are traveling to the high country, close to a foot of snow is expected near lake level. lake tahoe has a winter weather advisory until 10:00 tomorrow evening, one to two feet. chain controls most definitely will be in place. lows tonight, we won't get too cold. mid 40s and 50s tomorrow. then afternoon sunshine as we'll be on the backside of that cold front. it's going to get very cold
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tomorrow night in through the morning hours on wednesday. in fact my accu-weather seven-day forecast, rain likely tomorrow morning. tuesday and wednesday will be cool days, breezy days. then the storm hits thursday with wind and heavy rain lingering into friday. another storm is possible as we head into saturday. >> ama: thank you. mike shumann is here with sports. >> what a game this was. 49ers and patriots face off and it was a tale of two halves. patriots dominated the second. cold and rainy night in new england, colin kaepernick, gets the niners on the first. randy moss, third catch of the year. he throws it right on the money to walker. 17-3, niners at the half. second half started out good for the niners.
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dante knocks it out of his hand. on the recovery, gets it all the way down to the patriots 4-yard line. kaepernick had trouble handling the snap all night. four fumbles, luckily frank gore saved it here and somehow scores on the play. tom brady, two interceptions, smith ends up with this one and niners get it back in patriots territory. next play, kaepernick, third td, 27 yards, 31-3, game over? wrong. hernandez, brady gets the ball back goes down the sidelines, deep to lloyd, 53 of his 190 yards receiving. two plays later. he punches it in. we have a tie game.
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are you kidding me. next play, kaepernick, crabtree again, seven catches, 107 yards, they would add a late field goal and go it 41-34 your final. all right. seahawks keeping the pressure on the niners, they beat the bills. wilson ran for three tds in the game. earl thomas picks off fitzpatrick goes 57 yards the other way. and niners will face them in seattle. this could decide the n.f.c. rest, 50-17. tigers and bears, what a game for san jose state, james jones had three td catches, green bay clinches n.f.c. north. tigers are behind the falcons
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21-13 your final. >> raiders finally in sixth game slot beating kansas city. improving to four ande two of the four wins are against the chiefs. this little radar fan raider fan offering practice preparation for victims in newtown. >> here is the longest 19 yards. that leads to his fourth field goal of the game, 30 yards out. raiders defense did shut out the chiefs. first shutout, kelly with the first snap of season. 15-0 your final. >> i think our guys needed something where they get a little bit of confidence. i thought they had a great week of prasmt i thought they were focused and what we needed to do and how we needed to win this football game. i thought they did a great job today. >> we just out played them, our defense out played them.
9:25 pm
it's good to get a win against a team that is struggling. >> all right, denver has the a.f.c. west locked up, 989 yards, that is long rai way to run. ran out gas but he did make it to end zone. peyton manning throwing one td pass. look at this throw. to eric decker, he had 103 yards afz 34-17 and ravens still lead their division. we'll have more from the 49ers big win at 11:00. what a game. >> ama: thank you. return to
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00, laura anthony is live in newtown connecticut on the school shootings and gun debate, to try to get the guns off the street. plus, southwest settles a class action lawsuit. that is tonight at 11:00. middle earth is back on top at the box office. >> peter jackson's, the hobbit took in $58 million. stronger than three previous lord of the rings film. number two lifeguardians, lincoln crossed the hundred million mark earning 7 million this weekend skyfall is number four

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